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The World's Largest Electrolytic Aluminum Enterprises In China HongQiao Exchange Auditor

2018-02-26 16:28:22

The world's largest electrolytic aluminum enterprises in China HongQiao Exchange auditor

China Macro Bridge (01378), the largest electrolytic aluminum producer in the world. HK) has not yet produced an annual report due to alleged financial fraud. On the evening of April 28, China's Acer Bridge announced the replacement of Auditors.

The Board of Directors of China's Hong Qiao has decided to employ its own internal control and risk Management limited to implement the agreed procedures on audit findings and queries, the bulletin said. The board has also decided to appoint a bounden duty Hong Kong CPA firm to be the auditor of the company to fill vacancies and appointments after the resignation of our company and to the end of our next general meeting of shareholders.

The firm's resignation is one of the world's four largest accounting firms. The bounden duty of the Ernst and the Hong Kong accounting firm, the company's official website, is the world's eighth largest international accounting organization, an independent member of the international vocation.

From the announcement of the previous disclosure of China's Acer Bridge, the objections between China's Hong Qiao and Ernst and an are due to two short selling events since November 2016.

It is also worth mentioning that, in the period of less than 2 years, China Macro Bridge has changed the auditor twice in the time of the resignation of the auditor.

June 12, 2015, China's Hong Qiao announced that the audit institutions Deloitte for Ernst and New, Deloitte is also one of the world's four major accounting firms. China macro Bridge at that time gave the reason is the audit cost and Deloitte did not talk about. The move was also said by Emerson Analytics in a short report that "because of the rare cases of resignation of audit fees, the emergence of this phenomenon is usually an excuse for the auditor to resign in order to avoid forced disclosure of corporate financial irregularities."

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